Toby miller conference (uk-australia) the covid manifesto 2nd international series of cultural public policy conferences.
Thirty-year jubilee year universidad central de venezuela.

Postgraduate master's degree in cultural management and policies from the fhe-ucv. Faculty of architecture and urbanism ucv.
May 7, 2021. Conference "The covid manifesto"
Toby miller (united kingdom-australia)

Conferencia toby miller (reino unido-australia) el manifiesto covid 2da serie internacional de conferencias politica publica cultural.

Año jubilar tricentenario universidad central de venezuela.

Postgrado maestria en gestión y políticas culturales de la fhe-ucv. Facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo ucv.
7 mayo 2021. Conferencia "El manifiesto covid"
Toby miller (reino unido-australia)