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The J Word 2.10: News Agendas: Safety, Affluence, Advocacy

News agendas are often seen as how journalist cover a news issue or event. For some, the idea of a news agenda is also related to beliefs that journalistic outlets have a political agenda in how and what they cover. In this episode, we complicate the idea of agendas by looking at the silencing of journalists' own agendas to question the powerful under the threat of violence in Colombia, how the use of "expert sources" influences a newspaper's agenda in Denmark, and the degree to which editorial and news agendas collide in newspapers of Brazil. Our guests include Toby Miller at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa in Mexico, Jamil Marcus in Brazil, and Leila Trapp in Denmark.

Texts Discussed in this Episode:

Marques, F. P. J., Miola, E., Mitozo, I., & Mont'Alverne, C. (2020). Similar, but not the same: Comparing Editorial and News Agendas in Brazilian Newspapers. Journalism Practice, 14(9), 1066-1086.

Laursen, B., & Trapp, N. L. (2021). Experts or Advocates: Shifting Roles of Central Sources Used by Journalists in News Stories?. Journalism Practice, 15(1), 1-18.

Toby Miller, "Violence" (Routledge, 2020) - Podcas...

About Toby

Toby Miller is Stuart Hall Professor of Cultural Studies, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana—Cuajimalpa and Sir Walter Murdoch Distinguished Collaborator, Murdoch University. He is Past President of the Cultural Studies Association (US).

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